What Is Typography and How to Get It Right: A Beginner’s Guide

Typography is taken into consideration particularly when designing a website, because it makes a difference to the visitor on the website. So, it is one of the most scrutinized terms. 

What is Typography ?

It is an art of arranging text and letters in a way that makes it more readable, clear and visually appealing to the reader. Mainly it includes, 

1. Font Style

2. Appearance

3. Structure

Also, it can be said that typography brings the text to life. 

Typography has existed since the 11th century, but nowadays it is associated with both the digital world and print. Also, the advent of the internet is hugely responsible for the diversity in the fonts and font types, thus making typography more visually diverse than ever before. 

Importance of Typography 

1. Important parameter of user interface design

2. Strong Visual Hierarchy 

3. Graphic Balance to the website

4. Set the product’s overall tone

5. Ensures excellent user experience

6. Optimize readability & accessibility

7. Holds the attention of the visitor on the website

8. Impressive typography has deep effect on the way website information is perceived

9. Helps in carrying forward the company brand forward

10. Builds trust with user






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